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InteractiveMedia caters for small/medium and large scale networks. Our software platforms are user friendly, robust and cost competitive.

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Reliable hardware, effective software and personalised service , all solutions are tailored to the clients needs and wants.

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Digital signage networks require care and attention, whether it be hardware and /or software support, InteractiveMedia is at the forefront of service delivery.

Visual digital signage

What is Digital Signage

A cost effective visual communication platform
Digital signage is the use of electronic displays (TV screens or monitors) that display video, image, audio and text. Providing the correct hardware and software platform are in place, personal or custom content can be added to these displays.
Digital signage is most often used for corporate communications, advertising and/or infotainment, but it can be used for any functionality. Viewer attention can be captured by real time updates of news events, weather forecasts, product promotions and staff training, to name just a few.
Digital signage also spans a multitude of industries/businesses, including but not limited to: education, retail, healthcare, hospitality, government and corporates.

Benefits Of Going Digital

Saves time, money and improves brand rapport
Digital signage improves real time communication and reduces the overall cost of print campaigns and distribution, which should result in revenue generation and enhanced profitability.
In effect, digital signage is the modern replacement to traditional print media with improved creative visual content, with the option of adding audio if needed.
Multiple messaging in digital signage also improves the communication medium. It allows images and/or data to be displayed on a screen simultaneously by splitting and dividing the screen, which in turn may be enhanced by adding a multitude of custom designed playlists and timelines.
Digital signage platform
Digital signage menu boards

Setup Requirements

Hardware is Queen, content is King
To maximise the impact of digital signage, screen location, screen choice and size is critical. Screens and/or monitors need to take into account screen running time (TVs should be replaced by commercial screens if screen running time exceeds 8 hours/day); furthermore, screen definition is important (LED or LCD, HD ready or Full HD) as is landscape or portrait orientation.
Each screen must be connected via HDMI or VGA to a media player (Android or Windows). Providing digital signage software has been installed, the end user will be able to add and/or change content either remotely or onsite.

Possible Digital Signage Locations

Educational digital signage

Education facilities

Schools, colleges and training faculties are an idea location for cost effective digital signage visual communications. From class changes, SRC content, and emergency messages the potential is a click away, allowing for improved and real time messaging to campus students and related staff. Content can be updated either remotely or from simple USB; also a move to digital signage will tidy-up the many messaging areas.

Health care digital signage

Health care

Hospitals, clinics, doctors to dentists and all other practitioners. Entertain, inform and educate your waiting patients with your own internal “Infotainment TV channel.” Captivate patients with relevant visual content; medical symptoms, wellness tips & advice, OTC recommendations, trivia games and guess who’s?. Reduce the waiting period with fun and easy to maintain digital signage.

Restaurant digital signage


Eat in or eat out, digital signage menu boards and digital signage promotional screens is the ultimate managers tool. Install horizontal or vertical menu screens for customer enticement. Up sell certain menu items, display specials and store messages. Reduce those high cost promotional print campaigns and make way for visual enticing menu items.

Retail digital signage


Influence customers at the point of purchase with high quality LED TV’s and video walls. Digital signage is the ultimate product finding and information solution out there. Make sure your products and in-store services get the exposure they deserve either with touch or non-touch technology. Creating an in-store TV network will certainly enhance your store and customers experience.

Corporate digital signage


Communicate instantaneously and effectively with your staff. Display training messages, corporate wellness information, meeting changes, sales figures, production reporting and management announcements. Digital signage will create a better employee to employer engagement, let alone the added benefit of visual appealing welcome screens (video walls) to show off to the new and existing clientele.

Hospitality digital signage


Do away with the public cluttered paper noticeboards and install robust high quality digital signage screens. Hotels, hostels and B&B’s can benefit by informing and updating relevant information to the respective guests and staff. Welcome, educate and inform guests on accommodation amenities and local attractions. Advise availability, rates and added services.

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