imAGINE Digital Signage Costs

The worlds most affordable, costs effective and easy to use digital signage platform that can work with or without internet connectivity. No training required, no monthly fees and no hidden costs.

Mini PC Package
R 4648Once off cost
Windows (Imagine software included)
Powers direct from TV
One screen
Free 16gig nano SD card + wireless keyboard & mouse
Includes: free support (e-mail, ticket, or 24/7 telephonic support)
Lan Package
R 4297Once off cost
Media player (Lan)
Windows (Imagine software included)
External power supply
One screen
Free 16gig nano SD card + wireless keyboard & mouse
Includes: free support (e-mail, ticket, or 24/7 telephonic support)
Windows Package
R 6250Once off cost
Windows (Imagine software included)
External power supply (auto power on/off)
Multiple screens
500gig HD + wireless keyboard & mouse
Includes: free support (e-mail, ticket, or 24/7 telephonic support)

* All prices exclude VAT


imAGINE signage Package Questions?


What does standalone mean?

The imAGINE Digital Signage application does not necessarily require any internet connection to playback content. Standalone in theory, means a user cannot send or update content remotely. imAGINE Digital Signage requires the user to update content onsite and at the screen.

What is the “Hosted Software” package?

imAGINE Digital Signage has two different versions, both with the same features and capabilities. The hosted software platform avoids any installation and dedicated hardware use. The hosted software can be accessed world wide on any PC or device with Chrome installed. This solution is ideal for users who travel and have multiple content managers. All content is stored in the cloud and allows for “layout export” for other imAGINE digital signage users.

Can I buy the software only, download and pay directly online?

imAGINE Digital Signage  is available for Windows operating systems and a cloud based solution (Hosted package), licencing can be purchased and downloaded directly from the website, this is via a safe and secure payment portal for all countries.

What support is offered and is it necessary?

InteractiveMedia offers 24/7 telephonic support to all imAGINE Digital Signage users. The software platform has been developed for the end user in mind, meaning we have taken extreme care to make sure the platform is as user friendly as possible without any IT lingo or complicated settings. The software’s built in wizard explains each icon and its purpose for peace of mind.

Are the extras (keyboard and SD card) a necessity?

A wireless keyboard and mouse is very important for the ease of content upload and layout creation. Although the recommended media players have 2gig internal storage, an added SD card provides additional storage of media items. Team viewer can be installed as remote support.

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