If you regularly spend money on in-store pamphlets, posters and other forms of traditional marketing/advertising, you could save money and time by switching to digital signage. Traditional advertising forces you to pay for printing, shipping and distribution – and once you run out of material you need to pay the same costs all over again. Digital signage allows you to avoid all printing costs, whilst contributing to the Eco-friendly trend.

Nowadays it’s extremely important for any business to be aware of the environment. The paper industry is one of the largest emitters of carbon dioxide and the primary gas causing global warming. We all know the importance of coring for our environment and y incorporating digital signage, your business can directly reduce your own paper wastage and be less involved with the paper industry as a whole. Saving energy isn’t just important for the environment, but also for your balance sheets! The more money you can save on print and distribution, the greater your ROI and possibilities for expansion. Although Digital signage has a higher upfront cost, this can be offset from the energy saving aspects as well as the potential added advertising revenue stream.

Advantages of using digital signage in South Africa.

  • Once you start using a digital sign, you can advertise/inform and educate indefinitely without the need to continuously reprint flyers and other material.
  • Using digital signage opens up a new world of media opportunities. Print documents are static and often unattractive, while digital content can contain video, audio and are far more dynamic and visual appealing.
  • Instead of using the traditional static message boards, Digital signage can display multiple messages at the same time
  • If content isn’t working, it can be changed without any additional cost.
  • Aside from the monetary savings, a digital sign can also be changed in seconds, without having to worry about waiting for print processing and shipping.

Retail stores boast that digital signage allows for messages to be instantly displayed alerting consumers of potential offers.  With products changing all the time, being able to up date messages at any time in store is a major competitive advantage.  Hence we are seeing more and more companies moving towards digital signage for a new and exciting form of advertising.

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