For maximising digital signage and its effect, location and screen size is paramount for a successful medium. Screens and or monitors come in an array of sizes to cater for every environment and could be seen as a poster/paper replacement.
Installation of the screen is equally as important as the hardware and  should be placed in high footfall locations with direct line of sight of all viewers.  
Each screen must be connected to a media player, or even a PC (windows or android).  Providing software has been installed on either hardware platform, digital signage is at your finger tips, enabling manipulation of screens regions and ease of content uploads 
As a basic example, digital signage involves distributing images or multimedia content from a media player/source (typically a digital signage PC) to publicly viewable digital displays (such as LCD or plasma monitors/televisions).
In most cases, software is used to manage the content, and the audio/video signal connections are distributed using audio and video extenders, splitters and amplifiers.
  • Digital signage media player
  • Digital signage software
  • Screens/ monitors/ TV
  • Stable internet connection (Satellite, WiFi, 3G & ADSL)
  • Installation (Network settings and hardware configuration)
  • Central control centre (Network manager)
  • Content creation
  • Technical support structures



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