The first factors to think about when choosing digital signage include the size of the screen, whether to use a networkable solution and where the signage should be installed, once this has been decided, the next aspect; who manages the solution, who updates and creates the content?

Many businesses overlook the importance of ongoing management & technical support. Slow, inefficient support or downtime can result in negative store feel let alone the loss in revenue and branding! We believe a black screen is a failed business! Due to the dynamic and often complex nature of digital signage solutions, (a network of screens installed nationally) calls for a team of committed and resourceful specialists, with the core focus of maximizing customer engagement whilst ensuring network 100% availability. It is imperative that the screens remain working at all time, with appropriate & interactive content.

Yes, some companies already have a dedicated IT team, but do they have the expertise or time to manage the digital signage software, media players and screens. Digital signage business’s like ourselves tend to place support as a fixed fee rather than a variable, we pride our reputation and the way we run our networks and the effect it gains. IT teams are normally based in tech support offices and less commonly on the road. With InteractiveMedia, we can call upon 25 technicians reaching areas as far out as the Kruger Park to service client locations. We firmly stand by; a black screen is a failed network which in essence is a is a failed business. It is our commitment to ensure a 100% live network maximizing customer engagement and staff alike.

With tailored support structures, and the newly self-managed software solutions. There are tailored ways around tech support, but please be conscious that digital uses advanced technology, technology that can often have unsuspected errors or bugs. So if you are not tech savvy we suggest full technical support for each location. However if you are a tech guru and understand the hardware and software infrastructure, you can call upon InteractiveMedia on our 24/7 telephonic support line, whereby a trained network manager could troubleshoot any Digital Signage issues you may have.

Tailored solutions are the way forward; make sure you don’t over pay for something that wasn’t required. InteractiveMedia is the most cost effective, quality driven Digital signage business in South Africa.

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