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imAGINE Digital Signage Overview


Affordable, very easy to use, self managed digital signage software.

imAGINE digital signage is the worlds’ most affordable, cost effective and easy to use digital signage platform that can work with or without internet connectivity. No training is required, no monthly fees are payable and there are no hidden costs. The software is also available online (hosted package), avoiding any installation processes and manageable from any PC to one screen.
The platforms operates on Windows (& optional web based interface) and caters for the following resolutions: 1366×768, 1920×1080, & 1280×800.
There is no cloud based management interface and all layouts must be created at the display itself. This is not networkable, meaning content cannot be sent to the display. However with the import and exporting of layouts, this could be a feasible alternative (ie: export designed layouts and send directly to client to upload).
This software has similar functions to the online solution and enables the user to divide the screen onsite into as many regions as they like; add custom backgrounds, upload content to create playlists and refine content layout with transitional effects. An added feature/benefit is the inclusion of RSS news feeds from eNCA. Local news, sports news, international and technology news headlines are free to use on the platform and auto update every few hours with a reliable wireless or LAN connection.
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Screen Shots

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Software Features


Web based

Icon based, drag and drop interface which is easy use and understand.

Multi platform compatibility

The platforms operates on Windows and caters for the following resolutions:  1366×768, 1920×1080 & 1280×800.

Export and import

Export as many layouts as you like and send to any other imAGINE digital  signage software user to upload and playback.

Multiple media formats

Software is capable of displaying; Static JPEGS, Flash files, AVI’s, RSS feeds, web camera, web pages and Google Doc files.

Regions and zones

Divide your screen/monitor into different zones. Add transitional effects and activate the image auto resize button for full screen/region playback.

Daily schedule

Schedule different layouts to play throughout the day with preconfigured layout durations, enabling full screen and different region playback.

Transition effects

Chose from a selection of media transitions, enhancing the professional layout.


The software is built in with an automatic content re-sizer tool that will auto scale images to fit the created region.

imAgine Digital Signage FAQ

What are the minimum setup requirements?
TV screen or monitor (widescreen displays both vertical or horizontal), Media player (Windows), 1GB RAM, USB ports, SD card for content storage and 1GHz processor) , keyboard and mouse
What is non-networkable?
Non-networkable means users cannot update content remotely to any location. With imAGINE  signage, the user must be at the display itself to create layouts, or a user can export and import layouts.
Can I update content from a different location?
No, this is non-networkable software, please refer to the professional version.
Can I create different playlists?
The software allows users to create multiple layouts which can be played one after each other, we call this “daily playlists”  which users can play different layouts one after each other without disruptions
Do I need training to use the software and at what cost?
Training is offered free of charge telephonically to all clients using any of InteractiveMedia’s software solutions. We are confident that the platform is easy to use, understand and flexible to suit your needs.
What are the ideal locations/uses for the imAGINE signage?
imAGINE digital signage is the perfect tool for any TV or monitor display and can be utilised for almost any industry: automotive, hospitality, retail stores, schools/universities, transport, hospitals( doctors/dentists rooms ) and restaurants (bars/clubs). Display digital menu boards, personalised welcome messages, visual corporate training/information, infotainment, activations and advertising
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