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Cloud based digital signage, simply create, update, click & send.

Online digital signage allows for content to be distributed remotely to any TV screen/monitor or display. Providing a stable internet connection is in place (WIFI, ADSL or 3G), your team or IM’s team will have the ability to upload and remove content, add scrolling feeds or RSS tickers, manipulate the screen into different regions and monitor the screens (ON/OFF ) status. The management solution is hosted in a secure server (cloud based) and can be accessed via a secure login portal from any internet connected PC (https://www.interactivemedia/login/client-name).
With the use of robust Windows and Android based media players, installed with custom digital signage software, scheduled and demographic updates are at your finger tips, enabling one to manage multiples screens in different locations from one safe and secure user friendly interface.
With national technical support and a 24/7 telephonic support line, rest assured you will have assistance and personal responses within minutes… A black screen is a failed business
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Software Features


Web based solution

Software has been developed as a web based application enabling compatibility with Windows, Linux, Android and Mac.

Media and network monitoring

Monitor the screens and media playback via a central management interface; utilise the RED and GREEN lights functions for screens availability.

Multi-zone layout

Divide your screen/monitor into different zones. Customise to your specifications allowing multiple media formats to be displayed at the same time.


Use the calendar like interface to schedule layouts or certain media to display at specific intervals, times or dates.

Playback reports

Every bit of information updated is recorded. Download minute to minute playback reports for internal and clients use.

Multiple media formats

Software is capable of displaying; Static JPEGS, Flash files, AVI’s, RSS feeds, PowerPoint files, Web pages and Google Doc files.

Region permissions

Restrict certain users to control certain parts of the screen and/or content displayed allowing for greater personalisation/management per location.

Geographic management

Manage a group of screens displaying the same content, or create separate playlists for each screen remotely.

Networkable Signage FAQ

What are the minimum setup requirements?
TV screen or monitor (widescreen displays both vertical or horizontal), Media player (Windows or Android operating system 4.1 or any newer versions, 1GB RAM, USB ports, SD card for content storage and 1GHz processor) , Management interface (hosted on secure cloud server) and an internet connection (WI-FI, ADSL, satellite or 3G).
What is cloud based?
Cloud based allows the user to upload content from any machine from anywhere in the world. Providing you have access to the internet and your secure user name and password, you will have full control of your displays.
Can I send content to different locations?
The IMplatform caters for demographic content management. By grouping displays on the user interface, locations can display the same or different content.
Does my media player have to be online all the time?
No, the media player only needs to be online when content is being downloaded, You will not be able to monitor the screens status (ON or OFF) as well as uploading, removing or scheduling content. If a media player does not have an internet connection, content downloaded will continue to play. The only content that will not continue to play back would be webpages and RSS feeds.
How many locations or displays can I add to the management interface?
There are no limitations.
Do I need training to use the software and at what cost?
Training is offered free of charge telephonically to all clients using any of InteractiveMedia’s software solutions. We are confident that the platform is easy to use, understandable and flexible to suit your needs. In addition a manual will be provided.
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