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Algorithms & Targeted Audiences

Social platforms like Instagram and Facebook offer a potentially infinite reach to new customers, across many demographics and geographic locations. The algorithms that run these platforms determine who might see an ad and when they might see it. Theoretically, theses algorithms are designed to display the most relevant adverts to audiences based on their likes, interactions and historical behaviours. Due to the sheer volume of advertisements and content being uploaded every minute, these algorithms have to sift through a lot of noise. Platforms typically utilise an ``auction`` system whereby priority is given to ad-sets that spend more money. This particularly ads that target a broad or large audience. Setting up your advertisement properly, through precisely targeted audiences, is perhaps ultimately more vital than even the ad spend budget itself. Algorithms are constantly being changed and developed and the precise nature of these algorithms are closely guarded secrets. Audience targeting is as much of an art as it is a science. We have been involved in social media advertising since it's inception and have developed an agile recipe, which we are always adapting, designed to optimise results and ensure your social advertising is cost effective and offers exceptional value. Our core social ad management activities include:


Review and reporting on all aspects of a specific ad or campaign

Ad Spend

Management of total budget based on duration and acceptable conversion rates

Bespoke Audience Creation

Highly targeted & focused advertising delivery

Platform Rules

Conformity with platform specific protocols to maximise effectiveness and reach of an advertisement

Bespoke Campaigns

Your business has unique social advertisement needs which are informed by the size of your business, your particular industry and the unique value proposition that your business offers. We have helped grow the online footprint and e-commerce revenue of countless businesses in a variety of sectors with a highly hands-on social ad management approach. We find out what works for your business without initiating massive ad spend, finding out what works, abandoning what doesn’t and constantly adjusting campaigns as your market share and revenue increase. We offer far more than any typical digital agency by intrinsically linking our success with the success of your business. This is is evident in our 99% client retention rate, combined with exponential year-on-year client revenue growth with over a decade of social ad management experience. These are just a few key areas we look at when creating and managing bespoke social ad campaigns:

  • Clearly defining goals and objectives
  • Customer Profiling
  • Identifying & gaining exposure to new and existing industry trends
  • Defining sustainable budgets
  • Choosing appropriate channels
  • Keyword research for SEO related to your industry and business
  • Targeted audience creation for ad sets
  • Consistent Brand Messaging
  • Reputation Management
  • Conversion tracking and analysis